7 ways to keep your restaurant running!


We don’t even know how fine it could be neither if we can dine anymore.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, going out to eat has become a terror. Yet from five months until today, people are skeptical to dine-out safely.‚Äč

In this scenario, how do a restaurant owner ensure 360-degree safety and cleanliness to the people? 

Seems like an impossible task? But with a little bit of caution, everything is achievable.


Put on those masks

Make sure everyone right from the security guards, waiters, and the Kitchen staff always wear; good quality masks, sanitize at regular intervals, use washed uniforms, and maintaining hygiene around the restaurant.

Special training is required to make them understand the importance of cleanliness in this need of the hour. Any ill staff should be given paid leave without any delay.


Wash those vegetables

Everything to be cooked must be washed thoroughly in the kitchen.

Sanitization of plastic or cloth bags is viable that is carrying the items before touching them. It is wise to dispose of those right after removing the items.

Do not forget to cook at the above room-temperature, especially during such times. Don’t hesitate to re-heat as and when required.


Sanitize those hands

It wouldn’t harm to buy a couple of extra bottles of sanitizers in your cafes, hotels, or restaurants. 

Assure to keep a bottle at every touchpoint, including the entrance, the lift, the kitchen, every table, and outside a washroom. 

You don’t want your customer to feel insecure about their safety at any point in time. 


Clean those counters

If you don’t have time to sanitize every corner every day of your restaurant, they have a dedicated day for separate counters. 

Although always keep your sink clean, you wouldn’t want to pile up on dishes. Clean the utensils as soon as it comes to the counter. Make sure that you are following the safety guidelines while cleaning.


Cover those bins

In the restaurant business, large dustbins are at different corners. But are they covered?

Various diseases transmit through the garbage we put out. Special care should be given to these bins to empty and clean at regular intervals.


Communicate to those ears

You may be doing your best to ensure the safety of your staff and your customers. 

But do they know about it? 

Are they aware of their initiatives? 

If not, then what is even the point of taking so much pain and spending money? 

Communicate to your audience about the things you have been doing for them through social media, your website app, third-party apps, pamphlets, etc. Make sure it reaches out to them in whichever way they want to hear it.


Digitalise that restaurant

Have you ever thought of digitalizing your restaurant? 

It may have never occurred to you before the pandemic. But now is the time you should genuinely give it a thought. 

Digitalization is inevitably a powerful tool because it helps you amplify your restaurant's productivity & growth.


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